Felix St. Croix

Youngest , mutant child of the wealthy St. Croix family, Aspiring bounty hunter.


Felix Tendaji St. Croix
Fast 3 (Dilettante) Mutant Human
Youngest Son of the St. Croix Family
STR: 10 ( +0 ) DEX: 18 ( +4 ) CON: 16 ( +3 )
INT: 18 ( +4 ) WIS: 12 ( +1 ) CHA: 15 ( +2 )
DEFENSE: 19 = 10 + 4 class + 1 armor + 4 dex
FORT itude: +4 REF lex: +6 WILL : +2


  • Desert Eagle +4 ranged 2d8 (20/x2) range 40 Ballistic
  • Desert Eagle +4 ranged 2d8 (20/x2) range 40 Ballistic
  • Claw +0 Melee 1d6 + 0 (19 – 20/x2) Slashing
  • Tail +0 Melee 1d6 + 0 (19 – 20/x2) Bludgeoning


  • Light Undercover Shirt 1/1 AP 0


  • Balance 5 Ranks
  • Drive 1 Rank
  • Escape Artist 1 Rank
  • Hide 5 Ranks
  • Jump 2 Ranks + Leaper Mutation (+10)
  • Knowledge: Current Events 2 Rank +1 Dilettante Bonus
  • Knowledge: Popular Culture 3 Ranks
  • Knowledge: Streetwise 5 Ranks
  • Move Silently 5 Ranks
  • Profession: Dilettante 6 Rank
  • Read/Write Language: English 1 Rank
  • Read/Write Language: French 1 Rank
  • Sleight of Hand 6 Ranks
  • Speak Language: English 1 Rank
  • speak Language: French 1 Rank
  • Tumble 6 Ranks


  • Personal Firearms Proficiency
  • Point Blank Shot
    • Double Tap
  • Precise Shot


  • French
    • Speak, Read and Write
  • English
    • Speak, Read and Write


  • Evasion
  • Opportunist


  • Unnatural Eyes: Eyes are green and feline in appearance
  • Unnatural Hair: Hair is of a length and body unnatural for ethnicity
  • Tail: You gain a tail which adds a +2 bonus to balance checks and allows a bludgeoning slam attack (Medium size: 1d6 damage) It is not prehensile and cannot grip objects
  • Claws: You gain a natural weapon claw attack. Medium size: 1d6 slashing damage
  • Leaper: +10 to all jump checks
  • Darkvision: Darkvision up to 60ft
  • Ability Decay (Wis): [Drawback] Wisdom is permanently decreased by -2
  • Frailty: [Drawback] -2 to all fortitude saves


  • Concealed Carry Holsters x2
    • Desert Eagle +4
    • Laser Sight
  • Light Undercover Shirt
  • Range Pack
    • Steel Handcuffs (3)
    • Binoculars, Standard
    • First Aid Kit (5)
    • Cell Phone
    • 9 box magazine x10 .50 Caliber Hollow Point Ammo (90 rounds)
    • 9 box magazine x5 .50 Caliber Glaser Rounds (45 rounds)
    • 9 box magazine x5 .50 Caliber Rubber Rounds (45 rounds)

Felix Tendaji St. Croix is the youngest of four children in the wealthy St. Croix family. Originally from Monaco, the St. Croix family is well known in the arms industry. Everything from switchblades to tonfa to the cutting edge of personal firearms are the bread and butter of St. Croix Industries. They have naturally branched off into several different directions such as energy and cybernetic technologies but these have little to do with Felix.

Born and raised in New Chicago, Felix is the fourth son of Marcus St. Croix and his wife Amira. Out of his siblings, Cartier, Nicholas and Claudia, Felix is the only mutant. Finding his mutations to be caused due to recessive genes from his wife, Marcus has had little to do with Felix, preferring instead to spend his time grooming Cartier to take over the company for him one day and for the twins, Nicholas and Claudia to act as his support. His mother Amira however has favored him with her love and support. Publicly, Amira was stated to have lost her fourth child and due to the risks to her own health, was given a hysterectomy. In reality, Felix was born very healthy, his eyes and tail easily betraying him for what he was. Marcus would not put the child to death, but he certainly was not going to call a child who so closely resembled a Moreau, his son with the possibility of one day taking over his company. So, to prevent any further children from Amira, whom he was not inclined to divorce due to public image, he took away her ability to have children in reality as well. Felix was raised in the comforts of the St. Crox estate but was always kept segregated from his father and siblings, only his mother would see him with any regularity, and even then, she was not able to every day.

Due to this, Felix grew to be as independent as his rather overtly feline mutations would suggest. As he grew older, he began to recognize that his life would always take a separate path from his siblings. And though he was not exactly cut off from the wealth his family possessed, he would forever be in its shadow. He began to train in weapons use. If he was going to live differently from the rest of his family then he would make the difference as severe as possible. He would become a bounty hunter! Of course, he could always go home as long as he never made any public statement of who he is and where he came from, his mother had made certain of that, but being able to live by his wits and skills alone was enthralling. And that was how Felix voluntarily began to walk the path of the bounty hunter.

Felix St. Croix

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