Setting Specifics

The world is a desolate place. As settlers have ventured outside of the major cities stories have come back full wild dangerous and new species of animal. People claim to see new species. Most of the stories are attributed of to small minded farmers thinking they saw bigfoot. New weather patterns are also common. Due to the large volume of new water on the planet no one has been able to predict the weather consistently. There are no weather satellites to help.

While technology has continued to advance the global catastrophes have all but halted mass production. Most technology in the Outer City and Middle city is usually salvaged from the ruins and reworked work with modern tech. Good money is made by those who explore the ruins for tech.

Manufacturing of new technology has been picking up over the last few years. Prices on new PL5 tech has normalized and can be bought at standard DC. PL5 cybernetics are becoming more common as well and can be purchased at standard DC. PL6 tech is new, rare and, prized. A player can start with a PL6 cyber implant only by purchasing the cyborg feat. Implants after the first will cost XP. Gadgets can be added to implants. One gadget is able to be added to each implant per each structure slot the implant takes up. I.e. each leg is two implants slots therefore each leg portion can have two gadgets. For a total of 4 gadgets in a full leg replacement. This is subject to change.

A license is required to have a firearm in the Middle city DC10 to purchase. Net access (city wide wifi) is DC5 +1 per family member under 13. After 13 it is full cost. All net users are tracked to their real usernames. Usually only activist/hackers go by false names and hacking is highly dangerous. Being caught just using a false ID is a felony.

A vehicular license is also require for Middle city. Driven land vehicles has purchase of DC5 for basic or DC15 for commercial.

Laws are less enforced in the Outer City. A “license” is required for firearms and vehicles but not common.

Setting Specifics

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