A dirty bleak future has fallen upon the Earth.

Early 2020s: Due to corporate influence on government regulation copyright law caused most technological advancement to stagnate. In the e 20 teens tensions grew between countries as companies pushed governments to stronger enforcement of laws that further limited competition. Anti corporation movements (both religious and Anon groups) grew to such large numbers that governments were forced to take physical action. Both sides quickly resorted to violence and battles broke out over ownership of property. The physical resistance by common people quickly led to further restrictive law and controls.

Year 2018: An independent group of engineers developing a fusion reactor. When the details of their facility in Richmond Virginia was leaked Corporate SWAT was ordered to stop the criminals for violation of Federal copyright infringement. As the Team attempted to confiscate the device a scuffle broke out and the device malfunctioned in a nuclear explosion destroying Richmond and causing destruction as far away as Washington DC. Relocation the government became a priority.

Year 2020: Due to the celebration of the capital relocation to St Louis and slashing of education budgets worldwide no-one was aware of the massive comet heading for the moon. Attempts were made to move or stop it but the attempt only succeeded in breaking it up. Portions of the comet landed across the globe but mainly landed at the poles breaking up the last remnants of the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets.

Year 2050: The moon has stabilized at 3/4 its original size. A cloud of debris has formed around the earth and destroyed or disabled all satellites. Nearly all intercontinental fiber/communications were destroyed. The Earth was plunged into global winter. Most people flock to cities for work, shelter, food. Billions die across the globe. Chicago builds the first wall.

Year 2105: The weather has started to warm again and groups of survivors have started re-establishing contact with other surviving cities. Rumors start coming in of wild and fantastic creatures now present in the wilderness and all un-populated areas have become extremely dangerous. At this time the second wall of Chicago is built to keep the steady stream of weird people out of the city. The first wall is beefed up and lock down is started.

Year 2200: Some major surviving cities have reestablished contact. The US government has started to push back out from St Louis. The globe has changed drastically and sea level have risen by a projected 180 feet. The Mississippi has slowed down but is navigable. People have started to farm again. Amenities that where common in the early 21st century have returned and are readily available. It has become a golden age as people have made vast fortunes scouring the lost portions of the planet for lost riches.

More details are to come, check out the wiki. There is will be more information there.

Tragedy of New new Chicago

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